Church of St. John of St. Paul
Rev. Joseph Fink
Eighth Pastor 1993 - 2000
Rev. Joseph Fink

"I first found out about coming to St. John's in the Christmas Season of 1992. (You were my first Christmas Gift of that year.) I became your pastor the Monday of Easter in 1993. (It was a time of Resurrection for me personally.) I will be celebrating my last Sunday Masses with you folks on Pentecost 2000. (Pentecost reminds us that the Universal Church is seen and understood by looking toward others, going beyond ourselves.) The manifestations of the Lord’s presence are seen through the care of the Universal Church.

"My new assignment was presented to me during Holy Week. (I'm reminded of Our Lord's statement "not my will but thy will be done," as he prayed in the garden of Gethsemane.) My official last day will be June 15, 2000. This day, falls within the 10th week of Ordinary time, the readings talk about the role of the prophet in the first reading and the need for reconciliation in the Gospel.

"I'm aware as I go to the next assignment I will be taking up my first priestly duties during the weekend of Apostle Thomas who was told specifically to believe not because he saw but rather because he had been told.

"I'm grateful to the people of St. John's who have taught me about the life of prayer and sacrifice. I hope in the years to come that you will remember me in your prayers, as I will you. Pray for the "Will of God."

Father Joe Fink, baptized, married and buried a few people from this parish in his six years. He also had a lot of work done on the old school building so it could be rented out. He had new lights installed as well as new wiring in the Church. He had a new public address system installed; purchased a new organ and upgraded the choir loft so that the choir had more room."

Father Fink comes from a family of ten children; eight of them are still walking around on earth. Two of his brothers are in heaven. He is the oldest of his family, at 45 years this past March 21. (You can do the math.) His dad is a carpenter (retired) and his mother is a graduate R.N. who was a full-time housewife, mother and overall coordinator through his childhood. He presently has 23 nieces and nephews ranging in age from 19 down to one year.

Father Fink was ordained in 1983. He served as an associate pastor at St. Peter, Mendota, until 1985; at Most Holy Redeemer, Montgomery, until 1987, and at St. Pius X, White Bear Lake, until 1991. Starting in 1991 He was pastor of St. Thomas, Corcoran, until he came to us in 1993. In 2000 he was assigned to St. Mary's in Shakopee as their pastor.

Prior to Ordination, the Benedictine nuns at Sacred Heart School in Robbinsdale educated him. Father attended Grace High School for one year, until he ran out of money and then moved on to Armstrong High in Plymouth to complete high school. He graduated from the University of Minnesota with a degree in Criminal Justice and Business. Father had a little graduate work at the University of Detroit in Management when he was working for Soo Line Rail Road as an off line sales manager. His seminary training was at St. Paul Seminary.

Father basically held some sort of job since the third grade to help supplement and work toward his education at school. (Some of his best lessons came from these jobs.) Father has been a paperboy, carhop, short order cook, professional baker, bus driver, semi driver, expeditor at a machine shop, office manager for a sales office, and finally an "Off Line Sales Manager," before going into graduate studies at the St. Paul Seminary.

Some of the hobbies that he enjoys include, biking, hunting (usually small game), baking, reading, and going to movies. Right now he’s trying to learn how to do weight training with aerobic exercise. His doctor tells him that he should cook and bake less and exercise more.

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