Church of St. John of St. Paul
Rev. James Fleming
Second Pastor 1887 - 1894

The parish made rapid progress during the seven years Father Fleming was pastor. In October 1887, $1,600 was borrowed for the purpose of erecting a pastoral residence, a modest frame structure flanking the church. 

Prominent among the organizations which arose under the guiding hand of Father Fleming was the Total Abstinence Society, whose first rally was held in November 1887. 

The summer of 1888 must have been very busy. Father Fleming announced his intention of building a new school as soon as plans and specifications could be drawn up; a new high altar, in the Roman style, was ordered from J. D. Riordan; three thousand dollars were realized from a fair held at Lucker’s Hall.

In September 1889, Father Fleming announced that plans for the school had been presented to him by J. C. McCarthy.  On January 15, 1890, the formal dedication of the school took place. 

Four years after the erection of the school Father Fleming paid the toll which nature exacts of those who are self-sacrificing in the pursuit of their duties ... he was forced by ill health to resign from his pastorate. After an illness of two years he recovered sufficiently to assume the pastorate of Shieldsville, Minnesota, where he remained until his death in February 1909.

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