Church of St. John of St. Paul
Rev. Edward S. deCourcy
Fifth Pastor 1945 -- 1963
Rev. Edward S. DeCourcy
Jubilee booklet cover

1913 - 1963






JUNE 10, 1963



On the day before He was to die, Our Lord, Jesus Christ, celebrated His Last Supper with His Apostles. As He finished He said to them, Do this in commemoration of me.  With these words began the greatest vocation the world has known, the Catholic Priesthood.  A man who has received this dignity is empowered to represent Christ.  He is another Christ.

As he stands at the altar, there stands Christ.

As he raises his hand in the confessional, Christ forgives.

As he speaks from the pulpit, Christ instructs.

As he comforts the dying, Christ comforts.

As he walks the streets of the city, Christ walks.

As he pours the baptismal water, Christ raises up a new man.

As he reads the marriage ritual, Christ joins a man and woman for life.

 Christ acts through his hands.

 This is a great honor, a great privilege, a great responsibility.

No man takes it on lightly. No man bears it without occasional weariness.

No man carries it long without realizing the dignity entrusted to him.

It is not often that God grants that a man may live this priesthood for Him for a full fifty years. When it happens it is only right that we should celebrate the occasion. When it happens it is only fitting that we should honor the man who has worn the mantle of Christ for so long. When fifty years elapse in the priesthood, we must gather to thank God for this blessing.

For these reasons the people of the Parish of St. John are holding this celebration. For these reasons this book exists. We give thanks to Our Lord, Jesus Christ, who in the year 1913 granted a share in His priesthood to Edward deCourcy.

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