Pastor's Page
By Fr. George Welzbacher
August 15, 2010

 It doesn't take an ultra-sensitive nose to detect the breath of Satan pervading today's entertainment world.    There's the rage and obscenity of Rap and Grunge. And among the films being shown at this moment on our Metro's screens are, take your pick, Cyrus, "the incest comedy", and The Kids Are All Right, a celebration of Lesbian love and artificial insemination. And of course for decades now many television shows have been blatantly meretricious, while the Internet, granted its amazing uses, is awash      with pornography.  And now comes aggressive blasphemy. Comedy Central has announced for this fall a new animated film series flaunting the title "J.C." That's right. This is ridicule of exactly Who it is that those initials represent. And to keep the new series company we already have the foul-mouthed blasphemies of South Park    I'm going to let Jeffrey Kuhner of The Washington Times take it from there.
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Cool Bigotry: The Cultural Crucifixion of 'JC'
By Jeffrey Kuhner
The Washington Times (national edition): 6/14/10

Anti-Christian bigotry is rearing its ugly head again. Comedy Central is developing a new animated series called "JC". Its premise is that Jesus Christ, alienated from his aloof and bored father, God, goes to New York City and has adventures in the Big Apple. Christ will be shown as a deracinated, cynical city slicker who partakes of the temptations and weirdness of modem urban life. He will hang out with prostitutes and drug dealers. He will be shown experimenting with marijuana and gay sex. He will slaughter gangbangers in street fights, preferably using a machete. Christ meets "Pulp Fiction"-but in a cartoon.  This is what Hollywood considers to be "entertainment. "

Yes, this is religious bigotry. Christians-and people of all faiths-should demand that it end. The show is a deliberate attempt to mock and smear the heart of Christianity: the divine nature of Christ. Its goal is to degrade Jesus into a modern-day sex-crazed, permissive and violent action figure. It is not just blasphemous, but morally repugnant and culturally perverse. It vilifies and completely distorts Christ-all for a few cheap laughs.

It is not the first time Comedy Central has depicted Jesus in a sick, twisted manner. The show "South Park" has repeatedly shown Christ in the vilest of ways... [I will not print "South Park's " scenario]. For "South Park, " it is open season on Christianity.

However, when it comes to Islam, Comedy Central is silent. It has never openly mocked the Prophet Mohammed or caricatured him for shock value. In fact, it practices self-censorship for fear of offending Muslims. For example, for the 200th episode of "South Park," the show's producers sought to make fun of Mohammed in a bear suit. The outcry from the Muslim rights groups forced the show to delete the offensive scene.

There is a blatant double standard. Islam cannot be ridiculed or attacked, but Christianity can-often and egregiously.
Hollywood's hypocrites understand that Mohammed is off-limits for one reason: the fear of a fatwa, an Islamic religious decree authorizing the murder of anyone defaming the image of the Muslim prophet. Hollywood liberals are cowards who pick on Jesus because they know Christians will do nothing [violent].

Our progressive elites keep saying----ad nauseam-that Islam is a "religion of peace. "

The fact that there are.. Islamic extremists who embrace jihad and terror,  using the Koran as the theological basis for a holy war against the West, is irrelevant to most secular liberals. Their dogma- multiculturalism-demands that they deny this fundamental reality. They prefer to adhere to an ideological fantasy.

The true religion of peace, however, is Christianity. There are no Catholic nuns hijacking planes and slamming them into buildings. There are no Protestant pastors strapping dynamite on their chests and blowing up innocent Muslim men, women and children.      There are no Orthodox Christian bishops waxing eloquent about how the Bible justifies the slaughter of non-Christians. In short, Christianity does not seek to impose a world empire through the sword RADICAL ISLAM DOES.

It is precisely, however, the Christian emphasis on NON-violence and PEACEFUL religious co-existence that Hollywood has been exploiting. The producers at Comedy Central know one seminal fact. 'They can mock Jesus all they want-no Christian jihadist is going to blow them up. It is easy-and safe-to take pathetic potshots at Christ.

At its core, modern secular liberalism is based on hatred of Christianity. For decades, militant liberals have sought to eradicate our Judeo-Christian heritage from the public square.

Christophobia is the fashionable bigotry of our time. The bastion of this anti-Christianity is Hollywood. Take films such as 'The Da Vinci Code' and "Angels and Demons."

Their premise: the Catholic Church is a primitive, sinister and superstitious institution centered on a massive conspiracy at the heart of Christianity---the cover-up of the fact [falsely asserted] that Jesus was no celibate but was married and was the father of numerous children. There is not a shred of evidence for this outrageous smear. But in Hollywood, this passes for courageous "art."

Christians must vigorously defend their faith. If Comedy Central wants to make a series depicting Christ as a street hoodlum, that is its right. But it is also the right of Christians to be offended and to express their outrage.

Freedom of speech cuts both ways. Christians should let it be known that they will boycott not just all of Comedy Central's programs, but more important, ALL OF ITS ADVERTISERS. 

Corporations that advertise on Comedy Central are either directly or indirectly sponsoring anti-Christian bigotry.

This can no longer be tolerated. Christians must be silent no more.
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On a different topic: In last week's Pastor's Page I alluded to the fact that "our enemies actual and potential are arming themselves to the teeth with the latest high-tech weaponry." By way of confirmation Eric Talmadge of the Associated Press filed a report on August 6th. May I share it with you here, as offering yet another reason to beg for God's protection for our republic in an increasingly dangerous world.
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Missile Could Shift Naval Power Balance
By: Eric Talmadge: Associated Press, Friday, August 6, 2010

Nothing projects U. S. global air and sea power more vividly than supercarriers. Bristling with fighter jets that can reach deep into even landlocked trouble zones, America's virtually invincible carrier fleet has long enforced its dominance of the high seas.

China may soon put an end to that.

U. S. naval planners are scrambling to deal with what analysts say is a game-changing weapon being developed by China-an unprecedented carrier-killing missile called the DONG FENG 21D that could be launched from land with enough accuracy to penetrate the defenses of even the most advanced moving aircraft carrier at a distance of more than 900 miles.

Analysis say final testing of the missile could come as soon as the end of this year, though questions remain about how fast China will be able to perfect its accuracy to the level needed to threaten a moving carrier at sea.

The weapon, a version of which was displayed last year in a Chinese military parade, could revolutionize China's role in the Pacific balance of power, seriously weakening Washington's ability to intervene in any potential conflict over Taiwan or North Korea. It also could deny U. S. ships safe access to international waters near China's 11,200-mile-long coastline.

While a nuclear bomb theoretically could sink a carrier, assuming its user was willing to raise the stakes to atomic levels, the conventionally armed Dong Feng 21D's uniqueness is in its ability to hit a powerfully defended moving target with pinpoint precision.

Funded by ANNUAL DOUBLE-DIGIT INCREASES in the defense budget for almost every year of the past two decades, the Chinese navy has become Asia's largest and has expanded beyond its traditional mission of retaking Taiwan to push its sphere of influence deeper into the Pacific and protect vital maritime trade routes.

 "The Navy has long had to fear carrier-killing capabilities," said Patrick Cronin, senior director of the Asia-Pacific Security Program at the nonpartisan, Washington-based Center for a New American Security. "The emerging Chinese antiship missile capability, and in particular the DF21D, represents the first post-Cold War capability that is both potentially capable of stopping our naval power projection and deliberately designed for that purpose."

"China can reach out and hit the U.S. well before the U.S. can get close enough to the mainland to hit back," said Toshi Yoshihara, an associate professor at the U. S. Naval War College. He said U. S. ships have only twice been that vulnerable-against Japan in World War II and against Soviet bombers in the Cold War.

Carrier-killing missiles "could have an enduring psychological effect on U.S. policymakers," he e-mailed to the AP. "It underscores more broadly that the U. S. Navy no longer rules the waves as it has since the end of World War II. The stark reality is that sea control cannot be taken for granted anymore. "
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