Church of St. John of St. Paul
Original Church and School
Postcard courtesy of Greg Cosimini
The original St. John's Church and School as pictured on a postcard  postmarked 1909.  The Church was dedicated on December 19, 1886.  The School was dedicated several years
later on January 15, 1890.

Picture courtesy of Greg Cosimini
The original St. John's Church (highlighted) from the booklet "Picturesque Dayton's Bluff" published in 1909 by the Dayton's Bluff Commercial Club.  Note that church number 4 is the original Sacred Heart Catholic Church, the only other Catholic church in Dayton's Bluff, both then and now.  At that time it was a German speaking national parish while St. John's, located only two blocks to the east,  was an English speaking territorial parish.

Closeup views of the original St. John's Church taken from the two photos above.

From the St. John's 100th Anniversary Booklet
The inside of the original St. John's Church.

St. Paul Dispatch & Pioneer Press photo from Minnesota Historical Society. Used with permission.
This is a 1923 photo of the original school building.   Note the additon of fire escapes since 1909.   The new (and current) Church, which had just been built, can be seen on the right.
This school was replaced by the current building in 1932.