Last Update: 10/17/2013
St. John's Church - October 2013
After closing in July 2013, the St. John's campus was put up for sale.
See the Online Listing.

Below are photos from October 16, 2013 after the For Sale signs went up.
Photos by Greg Cosimini

As part of the sale  process everything had to be removed from  both the church and school.
Below are photos of what the interior of the church looked liked on October 11, 2013.

Photos by Greg Cosimini
St. Therese taking one last look at the interior of  the church  before leaving the building
St. Therese in the vestibule
St. Joseph in the vestibule
The holy water fonts have been  removed from the walls
Collection baskets
So far only the first Station had been taken down
Statues in the priest sacristy
Statues in the priest sacristy
Choir loft: The organ is gone but the piano has been moved to the center.
The altars as viewed from the choir loft
High altar
Blessed Virgin Mary's altar
St. Joseph's altar
St. Joseph's altar (wider view)