Last Update: 12/1/2013
Dedication of the Chapel of St. John
at St. Pascal Baylon
December 1, 2013
When the Church of St. John of St. Paul was merged with St. Pascal Baylon, the
pastor and people of St. Pascal's promised to dedicate their chapel in honor of St. John's.
The formal dedication ceremony was held on Sunday, December 1, 2013.

Photos by Greg Cosimini
The Chapel of St. John is located just inside the main entrance to St. Pascal's on the right hand side.
The previously unnamed  chapel space is mostly used for keeping vigil with the bodies of
deceased parishioners before and after their funeral masses.

The statue of St. John the Evangelist is now located in the Chapel of St. John at St. Pascal Baylon Church.
It had stood since 1922 on the high altar at the Church of St. John of St. Paul.  The statue was created by the
Daprato Statuary Co. of Chicago
and has been restored by Ms. Maureen Peterson, St. Pascal's art teacher.

A photo montage of the interior and exterior of St. John's Church
is mounted on the wall next to the statue of St. John.

Father Mike Byron, pastor of St. Pascal Baylon, presided over the dedication ceremony
of the Chapel of St. John after the 10:30 a.m. Mass on Sunday December 1, 2013.