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Summary Statement of Our Parish's Financial Status
July 8, 2012

     What's the right word for our financial situation as we pause to look ahead just a few months down the road? I guess I'd have to say it's - grim. In the last week of June we had $60,000 in the bank. So far as our RESERVES are concerned, THAT'S IT. Period. Calculated on the basis of our parishioners' total annual giving, our income each week from collections and other sources comes on the average to about $5,000.00, while our average weekly expenditure stands at nearly $7,000.00. We have reduced our expenditure in the past fiscal year by some $32,000.00, in part by declining to hire a new business manager after Deacon Terry Schneider's sudden death. Our parish secretary, Carol Plasch, assisted by our trustee, Duane Kaczmarek, a certified public accountant, has generously taken over Deacon Schneider's responsibilities with no increase in salary. The termination of the use of our school building by St. Michael's Academy reduced our expenditure this past fiscal year for heat and light, as did the extremely mild conditions prevailing throughout the winter of 2011-2012. Snow-removal costs this past winter were significantly less than in the previous year.

     But all in all, without an increase either in weekly income or in special major gifts it is unlikely that we can keep our doors open BEYOND Christmas of 2012. Barring unforeseen special expense--e.g. a very cold winter in 2012-2013, with very heavy snowfall, or a furnace breakdown-WHAT IT WOULD TAKE TO ENABLE US TO CONTINUE TO SERVE OUR PARISHIONERS UNTIL THE SCHEDULED MERGER WITH ST. PASCAL'S ON JULY 1, 2013 WOULD BE AN INCREASE IN INCOME OF ABOUT $2,000 EACH WEEK.

     Can you lend a helping hand? Could  you increase your contribution each week perhaps even by as much as 50%, in this coming fiscal year? Only you and God know the answer for sure, but I think I know all of you well enough to be confident that you will do whatever you can!

   Thank you, and God bless you, for your response to our S.O. S.!

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