120th Anniversary Celebration
Fr. Welzbacher Installation
Fr. Tom Wilson Farewell
Saturday October 28, 2006
Photos by Lou "The Photo Guy" Michaels except where noted

Ice Cream Social and All Saints Costume Event

Photo by Greg Cosimini  



All Saints Costume Contest Winners - The costume contest drew 17 participants. Judges Sue Schneider, Dan Rossini and Lee Martin had the difficult task of selecting the most creative, knowledgeable, and poised of the contestants.

Winning entrants were as follows:
  3rd place - Eliza Knapp as St. Barbara
  2nd place - Anthony Tarnowski as St. Anthony of Padua
  1st place - Julia Knapp as St. Lucy

Thanks to all who made the contest possible-the hardworking, creative students, their supportive family members, the judges, tellers Mary Jo Rossini and Duane Kaczmarek, and the donor of the prize money.